Kingsford Hillview Peak – 4 Bagger on 09 May 2016

Kingsford Hillview Peak – 4 Bagger Sales on 09 May 2016. Congratulation to all the closer for Kingsford Projects, especially for Kingsford Hillview Peak. After our champion Target, Robin Pang hit his last Turkey Sales, now he goes for 4 bagger strike. A total of 5 options were issued today including one for Kingsford Waterbay. Well done to all!

Kingsford Hillview Peak - Units Option on 09 May 2016

Photo Of Our Achiever On 09 May 2016

Kingsford Hillview Peak - 4 units sold on 09 May 2016

 Watch The Show Flat Video Fly-Through

Below Are Some Of The Selling Points

> TOP Sooner than you expected
> Near Hillview MRT, HillV2 Mall
> Upcoming Community Club and many more …

Click For Hillview Peak – Floor Plan, Contact Info or
Call: 61008339
(Developer Appointed Sales Team)

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